H.H.第三世多杰羌佛 佛教


(莫知尊者合掌恭敬而白羌佛提問:First of all, I, Disciple Mozhi, prostrate to my Buddha Master, Namo Your Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III!

Today, I would like to beseech Buddha Master to impart a Dharma. I know that in the course of imparting Dharmas Buddha Master often revealed unfavorable opinions toward Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism. However, in my poor knowledge, there are many Dharmas within Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism. According to my understanding, the Vajra Dharmas in the Tantric Division are the highest Dharmas. The ten major Vajra Dharmas are the core and key constituents commanding the entirety of Buddha Dharma for attaining accomplishment.Therefore, I beseech my Buddha Master to impart the Dharma that tells us Buddhist disciples: What should we do to be able to learn the best and highest Vajra Dharmas, in order to ensure attaining accomplishment in this current lifetime? Additionally, do these Vajra Dharmas all have rituals and detail procedures or steps of practicing? How should we practice these Dharmas?)